Legacy account management tools Weren't cutting it
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Complex enterprise customer relationships require constant, high-velocity collaboration.
We lived it for years. When lots of people and systems touch different parts of an account, it gets complicated quickly.
We tried every tool and method, some good and some not so good.
But collectively, they just weren't designed for the kind of collaborative motion needed to drive customer happiness, wins and expansions.
So, after years of being told we were using the wrong tool or doing it wrong, we decided to build a product with a new approach.
It's called Panda. And we think you'll love it.
To tackle this problem, we built a world-class team of revenue executives and Natural Language Processing AI experts.
Aaron Goldfeder

CEO, Co-Founder

Former CEO of enterprise SaaS company acquired in 2019.

Yue Ning

CTO, Co-Founder

Former leader of Qualtrics NLP, previously Twitter and Amazon.

Court Lorenzini

Board Advisor

Former Founder and original CEO of DocuSign.

Eric Browne

Product Advisor

Former Co-founder and VP product of Smartsheet.

Matthew Peters

Research Advisor

Senior Research Scientist at AI2, first author on ELMo NLP Paper.

Noah Smith

Research Advisor

Professor of CS at UW, Senior Research Manager AI2, renowned NLP leader.

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And brought on leading Seattle VC investors and founders from DocuSign and Smartsheet.

PSL Ventures invests in founders with passion and heart, building tech-driven, industry-shaping businesses all over the Pacific Northwest.

AI2 is an Allen Institute—the world-leading A.I. research institute with over 150+ A.I. PhDs, researchers, and engineers—initiative that helps launch AI-first startups.

Ascend Venture Capital writes pre-seed checks to the most ambitious entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest.

Delighting enterprise customers shouldn't be painful.
A Better Way is Coming in 2022...

Win More. Work Less.

Panda is currently available by invitation only, but we'll be releasing to the public later this year. Sign up to reserve your spot today.

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