VERSION 1.1 — Effective Date March 29, 2021.

Support and Services Practices


PANDA is committed to high availability to provide a reliable level of service. Our Services run on fault-tolerant infrastructure and are designed for high scale usage. PANDA, however, cannot be responsible for limitations or problems inherent to the internet, public networks, or 3rd parties services provided by the Customer.


PANDA securely maintains redundant copies of customer data to facilitate recovery in the event of a disaster incident and tests these procedures.


PANDA maintains a logging system including network, server, and security logs. These logs are analyzed in accordance with best practices and also provide for a security audit trail.


In the event of a breach, any unauthorized exposure of customer data will be reported in less than 24 hours and will include the nature of the incident, investigation details, and final disposition.


PANDA technical support includes email, chat, and phone support. Any corrections of defects in the PANDA product are done at no additional cost. Configuration and customization support may be provided to customers on an as-negotiated basis in the relevant customer agreement. PANDA is not responsible in any way for supporting 3rd party systems. PANDA aims for an incredible customer experience and will provide a rapid response to support issues.


PANDA requires customers to use sufficiently modern computing devices and reasonably high network bandwidth. For desktop usage, PANDA requires users to use the latest version of supported browsers which include Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Edge.

Please visit our Privacy Policy for a detailed description of Panda AI's privacy practices. Still have questions? Contact us to learn more.